Robert Laurin  (Co-Chair)

David Bradshaw (Treasurer – as before)

Brian Laube ( Director at large- previously President)

Jean Markovich ( Director at large- previously Vice President)

Tara O’Donnell (Secretary -as before)

Maggie Laurin ( Graphics and Director at large)

Fiorella Benini ( PR & Communications as before)

Louise Jessup (Communications and Director at large)

Peter Scharman (Director at large- as before)

Leila Beattie (Director at large as before)

Warren Stauch (Director local history documentation )

Tom Brennand (Director at large)

Sarah Robertson  (Director at large)

Carli Parsons  (Director at large)

Rachel Gibson  (Director at large)

Carrie Cote  (Director at large)

Keith Little  (Director at large)

Tiernan Lennox (Director at large)

Heather Inch  (Director at large)